Monitor SQL Servers with SCOM OpsMgr Cloud SaaS Solution

As I mentioned in the previous posts, Tibanna and Tibanna Plus are the highly customizable cloud SaaS solution which helps to you to monitor your server and client environment without any on prem SCOM/OpsMgr infrastructure. In the background Tibanna uses highly customized SCOM/OpsMgr in a highly secured environment. All the communications highly secured and based on “https“. SQL server monitoring and enhanced chart capabilities allowing for easier and more in-depth analysis are the newest capabilities of Tibanna.

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Monitor your clients SQL servers. Moreover, the Run As account credentials are encrypted, and when they are passed from Tibanna to SCOM, they are not stored within Tibanna—resulting in a high level of security for administrators and companies.  Another feature introduced is compare computers across performance metrics within a single chart. Moreover, the enhanced chart features will allow administrators to easily and meaningfully compare while also saving their selections for trend analysis.


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