Monitor Your SCOM Environment from Mobile Device with New Xian Wings version

Xian Wings is the mobile solution that allows you to monitor your Microsoft SCOM (OpsMgr) environment on the go. The new improved version of Xian Wings 2.1 version is coming soon with loads of exciting features. In this post, I’m going to cover sneak peek features for Tablets and Phones. When you have Xian Wings, no more running back to the office when your network beckons you. With Xian Wings for SCOM 2007 and 2012 (Operations Manager) you have a real client application for your smartphone and tablet, which means states, alerts, performance graphs, Task Status, Notification, Shell and settings are always available fingertips away. Following are the sneak peek of the new upcoming features of Xian Wings.

Shell console 01

Picture gallery of new Xian Wings !!

Edit Dashboard (Edit name, template and position of widgets on template), Copy widget (Copy and paste actions), Move widget (Cut and paste actions).2 Copy widget 01


2 Copy widget 02
3 Move widget 01 3 Move widget 02 3 Move widget 03

Import Dashboard (Import a dashboard with widgets to Operations manager) Supported widgets: Alerts, States and Performance

4 Import Dashboard 01 4 Import Dashboard 02 4 Import Dashboard 03 4 Import Dashboard 04 4 Import Dashboard 05

Diagram widget (New widget for diagram)

5 Diagram widget

Object Navigation (It allows you to navigate between objects, through the selecting one from diagram or inventory)

6 Object Navigation 01 6 Object Navigation 02 6 Object Navigation 03

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