How to Make a phone call from Command Prompt on Window Mobile Phone

Now, MS-DOS command prompt is available on Windows Phone Mobile (8 and above). Have you ever thought of making a phone call from MS-DOS command prompt on your smart phone? Yes, it’s possible now. Today, Microsoft released an Windows store app called MS-DOS Mobile. You can install this application on Windows Phone mobile and use MS-DOS command prompt to send SMS, Call etc… I’m loving this application 🙂 I know, there is nothing much we can do with MS-DOS in mobile like creating a folder/directory (MD) or removing a folder / directory (RD) and that is fine for me at this point of time. More over we can launch Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 version on your smart Windows phone !!

MS-DOS For Windows Mobile-1

We can make a phone call from the MS-DOS command prompt on your Windows phone. Go to the folder called C:\Programs\Phone from MS-DOS and type in respective EXE files to launch corresponding applications on your Windows Phone Mobile.

C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE>CAMERA.EXE to Launch camera application, but this is not the Windows Phone mobile native camera.
C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE>SMS.EXE to send SMS from command prompt
C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE>Phone.EXE <Number> to call number from your Windows Phone command prompt


The command C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE>CAMERA.EXE will launch ASCII camera or we can select B/W camera or VGA camera application from command prompt. ASCII Camera is launched from CMD prompt !!


Below is the picture captured from ASCII camera. See the note below MS-DOS mobile version 1.0.

DOS-2015-04-01 21_25_54Z

Type in C:\Windows\WIN.COM command from MS-DOS to launch Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 !!


From Microsoft Windows Version 3.1, you can access the Windows Phone 10 Mobile applications like Internet, Contacts, Mail, Calender, Maps, Media Player, Market Place and Review !! It’s really existing for me !! What do you think.

wp_ss_20150401_0010 wp_ss_20150401_0011

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  1. Even if you don’t give any extension like.exe for camera or phne n .com for win the following commands are going to run,and the command cd doesn’t work I don’t know y, n it would be really awesome if we can run .exe files on our WP let what comes next…….


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