New Features of Xian Network Manager SP4 will Improve SCOM OpsMgr Experience

We have probably experienced network failures like congested interfaces that unexpectedly go down and applications that create sudden traffic issues. These issues can be detected easily with SCOM/OpsMgr + Xian Network Manager (NM). Today Jalasoft released Xian NM 2012 SP4 with new exciting features like New Topology diagram, Dashboard for all SMPs, Update server for IP address resolving, Topology discovery via SNMP monitoring and Flow configuration section. Another one of the important improvement of Xian NM SP4 is Duplicated objects on the Xian NM reports are not displayed. So the reports are more precise.

Download the Xian NM SP4 from here

Xian NM SP4-1

Topology widget which displays a diagram with the objects states and relationships states; and Relationship alerts which display alerts related to the relationships and the relationships display colors according to their states (Green: Healthy, Red: Alert/Critical, Yellow: Warning, Blue: Not monitored, Black: Maintenance).

Dashboard Improvement – An out of the box dashboard per each device type displays monitoring information from the monitoring devices of such category.

Update server for IP address resolving – A new service called Xian NM Update server translates external IP addresses listened by the Flow monitoring feature into their domain or website names in order to give a clear idea of the sites the internal computers talk to.

IPFIX support for Flow monitoring – devices running IPFIX NetFlow version can now be monitored by our Flow Monitor feature along with NetFlow V5 and V9, as well as SFlow.

Application ports naming – It is possible to assign a name to any desired port that is been monitored through the Flow monitoring feature, so a proper name now displays on the OpsMgr console for the alerts or performance counters associated to those ports.

Xian NM SP4-3

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