New Improved VMware vSphere Management Pack for SCOM OpsMgr

BridgeWays announced today a new release of their VMware vSphere Management Pack that has now been optimized with new dashboards and faster load time.  Each dashboard contains performance metrics for the top 50 most active virtual machines, while also delivering the metrics via new and easy-to-use charts that allow for more in-depth analysis of data points with a simple mouse over. The BridgeWays VMware Management Pack fully supports VMware vSphere 6.0 and below, and is completely compatible with use in SCOM/OpsMgr R2. 

To know More about the features and the power of new VMware vSphere MP attend the webinar :-  Register here.

When: Wednesday, February 24 at 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (EST), 18:00 to 18:30 (GMT).

For more effective and efficient monitoring, the VMware Management Pack now displays three new core dashboards:- 

·         CPU Performance: includes CPU Usage, Average CPU System Time, Average CPU Ready and CPU Wait data.

VM CPU PErformance

·         Host Performance: includes CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Swamp Memory Usage, Balloon Usage, Network Usage and Storage Usage data.

VM Host Performance

·         Memory Performance: includes Active Memory, Balloon Memory, Shared Memory and Swapped Memory data.

VM Memory Performance

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