Build Tour 2015 Bangalore Takeaways One Store for One Windows Microsoft Edge 1 Billion Devices

Build 2015 Bangalore started with keynote session and it was a great event to attend from not only from Dev Ops perspective. It was a great event to attend for IT Pros as well, this will give IT Pros more view towards the developers perspective of things. This will help us to understand the technologies in deep. Some of the important topics which are covered in this event was Microsoft Edge (new browser), One Store for One Windows, Windows Universal applications, Windows Store for Business, 1 billion Windows 10 devices in 2 to 3 years etc… Last but not the least, the super cool demos of IOT devices (Bangalore horn), convert websites to Windows Store apps with in 5 minutes, Microsoft Edge experiences!!


Microsoft talked about the beta of version of which included a first peek at features in development for the next version of Internet Explorer and that is Microsoft Edge. There are more than 2000 improvements in Microsoft Edge you can see all these details in the website


One of the important topic of the event was “Microsoft will help developers to publish their Android apps to Windows universal apps with minimal coding efforts“. Microsoft is likewise offering a similar capability for iOS apps for iPhone and iPad? Microsoft is trying to build a strong echo system to support their Windows phone and Windows 10 investments. Microsoft wants to provide the right bridges so that developers can leverage this universal app platform !! More over Microsoft promises 1 Billion Windows 10 devices !!


One store for everything – Music, Games, Applications for all the platforms. One store for One Windows, Microsoft announces Windows 10 “one platform”, one store for all devices from IoT to data centres.

One Windows One Store

Windows Store for Business will allow businesses to publish apps. Businesses will also be able to public private LOB apps. In the future, school and organizations can ask their users to login to Windows Store for Business and install the applications which are required to complete day to day operation. At the moment, Azure Active Directory authentication is required for accessing Windows store for business.

Windows Store for Business

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