Power of Facebook SCCM Professionals Community Group More Than 6000 Members

Facebook groups are always fun, very interactive and moreover it gives a personal touch. The Facebook group “SCCM – ConfigMgr Professionals Group” is the “real” virtual community group for SCCM/ConfigMgr professionals.

SCCM Live Training – https://www.facebook.com/howtomanagedevicesSCCMIntune

This Facebook group is not run by group administrators. This groups is run by the members and it’s mostly managed by members. There are loads of volunteers in the group who helped us to reach 6000 members milestone. All the local user group meeting decisions like date and content been discussed and published in this group. We normally give people (members) VOTE up their choices of topics and date.

Facebook groups are very interactive and the design of the FB groups are very well suited for the IT Pro community. I’m big fan of CLOSED groups as your posts in the closed group will be visible only to the members of that group. Following are some of the my favorite FB groups which may be useful to you.

SCCM – ConfigMgr Professionals Group –>Join Our Facebook Community Group
Desktop Support Engineers –>Join Our Facebook Community Group
Tech Konnect One Stop  IT Pros –>Join our Facebook Community Group
Bangalore PowerShell User Group –> Join our Facebook community Group

These Facebook groups are designed to be a safe space for members (who are SCCM admins, IT Pros, Powershell and Desktop Engineers) to discuss all things related to their working process, handling client situations and getting feedback on whatever they need.

It’s a place where members can have honest conversations about the industry. That personal touch and relationship with participants has helped us to establish real connection with people and grow the community.

FB Group-1

Within these groups, members have created strong relationships with one another by answering questions, sharing resources and brainstorming ideas.

Desktop Engineers

One-stop for IT pros and all things technology related.

Tech Connect

Powershell Group !!


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