Power of Microsoft Azure to Build a Hyper-V Based Disaster Recovery Datacenter


What is Disaster Recovery and how we can have best DR and HA practices for private cloud (Hyper-v) Datacenter ? Savision is here again to help IT Pros to understand the HA and DR best practices. You can download the Savision‘s white paper on “Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure to build your (Hyper-V) datacenter Disaster Recovery Plan“. This Whitepaper is by MVP Peter de Tender. In this White paper he explains about   Disaster Recovery is nothing but a sub set of Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Do you agree? More details in the whitepaper.

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High availability and disaster recovery are key components of all Enterprise’s IT environments. Most of the firms are moving towards Hyper-V on Server 2012 R2 for their private cloud solution. This whitepaper will explain how you can leverage the power of Microsoft Azure, to build a Hyper-V based disaster recovery datacenter.

High level content of this Whitepaper !!

Disaster Recovery is a top priority
Some key definitions 
    1 What is a disaster? 
    2 What is disaster recovery? 
    3 RPO / RTO
Familiar DR Solutions
And then there was cloud
Azure Site Recovery features 
How Azure Site Recovery Works
   1 Characteristics
   2 Configuration


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