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Savision is almost ready for the new releases of their products Live Maps, Cloud Reporter and Cloud Advisor. TechEd Europe 2014 is around the corner and Savision is aiming to release all the products during TechEd Europe 2014. You can get live demo of all these excellent products with exciting features at TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona, visit Savisions booth #71-74. Savision also has excellent resources for IT Pro community, FREE Whitepaper: “From DEV to the Datacenter“.

Download the white paper from here.

Live Maps integration with system center products can help you in many ways. One of them is that you can directly start troubleshooting on the root cause of an outage, not the symptom of the outage itself. In fact this will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the team. With less number of people, you can manage your global infrastructure very effectively. Following are the top 5 features which are coming with new release. More details of Live Maps new features with the upcoming release is here.

  1. Easy to configure
  2. Display large time periods
  3. Fast and responsive
  4. Use charts created with HTML5

Savision-Teched Europe

Savision’s Cloud Reporter is an excellent innovative product which can be used for Auditing, Predictive Capacity Planning and Virtual Machine Right sizing for Hyper-V. Most of our Organization uses private cloud to get added flexibility and easy access to additional resources. Now a days organizations are moving towards Virtualization because it’s giving improved utilization of the resources than we use today. With upcoming release cloud reporter and Cloud Advisor is added feature to support VMware platforms.

Savision Cloud Advisor provides an impact analysis for each problem it discovers, letting you know the business cost of not taking action. This product helps the teams to finetune virtual machines and hosts for better performance and availability. Cloud Advisor also help us to increase the visibility of virtualization density, prevent resource exhaustion etc for Hyper-V virtual machines. In the upcoming release Cloud Advisor of will support Vmware platform as well.

More details available –


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