Recover AD User Password using Veeam Explorer for Active Directory

Users OU got deleted from Active Directory? Yes, we can restore it. How about the passwords? All the users will prompt for new passwords? Is this risk and also annoying experience for end users? How to tackle these kind of situations? Veeam has released a beta version Veeam Explorer for Active Directory (VEAD).  VEAD also has the unique ability to recover passwords! As mentioned above, I’ve seen accidental deletion of OUs and how much panic it can create in an organization. With Recover Passwords feature, none of the users will be prompted to set the new password upon first logon, which is very innovative solution. Isn’t it?

Download the beta version of Veeam Explorer for Active Directory (VEAD) from Veeam forums

Veeam Explorer for Active Directory (VEAD) allows us to restore AD Users, Groups, Contacts, Computers etc… directly from a virtual backup.  Veeam Explorer for Active Directory (VEAD) allows restoring individual items from Active Directory even if recycle bin is not available or not enabled.

Veeam AD Explorer
Image Credits to Timothy Dewin

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The pre requisite for Veeam Explorer for Active Directory (VEAD) is Veeam Backup & Replication server v7.

Step by stepVEAD installation  instructions here via Timothy Dewin.

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