How to Overcome Difficulties in Monitoring Different Client Environments


These days, IT Pros life is becoming more and more complex. Isn’t it ? All the clients are looking for affordable and 100% reliable solutions from service providers. Most of the IT consulting firms are having same group of people to manage/monitor different client environments. In normal scenario, the monitoring team needs to different environment via VPN and then launch SCOM/OpsMgr Monitoring console to have look at alerts. Is this the efficient way to do it? No this the not the efficient way of monitoring. Can they miss some of important alerts? Yes they can easily miss some alerts.  Tibanna is one stop solution of all these kind of scenarios/issues. Read more about Cloud version of SCOM/OpsMgr here.

Tibanna also provides monitoring of VMware free for the first 6 months of subscription more details here.


What is TibannaTibanna is SaaS (Cloud) solution for monitoring. It’s based on subscription model. So if you’re managing monitoring of different clients and it’s a nightmare to connect to different environments to monitor alerts. Tibanna subscription based model can help you to manage your clients environment monitoring from anywhere. Tibanna provides a web based solution to monitor the workstations, servers and applications which can be accessed from internet using any of the devices (mobile, tablet, laptop etc..)   You don’t need to connect to VPN of the client environment. Tibanna is full proof solution for IT consultancy firms who provide monitoring services to different clients.


I’m sure the you’ll interested to more about this and more details are available as case study. Following are the two scenarios and case study details :-

Affordably address today’s IT challenges for your clients

Delivering Proactive Monitoring of your IT Environment


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