What is RPS EXE that Microsoft Promotes with MSDOS Mobile Application

You must have seen the promo video of MS-DOS Mobile application. I’ve explained about this app in the post MS DOS Available on Windows Phone Make a phone call from Command Prompt. You must have noticed that the name “rps.exe” mentioned multiple times as posters in this video. Are you wondering, what is this RPS.exe ?  Why is Microsoft promoting it? I don’t know why they are promoting rps game:) However, with this Microsoft proved that Microsoft Mobile OS is also “very” flexible and customizable !! RPS.exe is nothing but a “famous” old game Rock-paper-scissors !! You can launch and play this game from CMD prompt on Windows Phones !! To my surprise, Cortana is there to help me to launch a command prompt game. Irony is that cortana is not available for India region on my Windows 10 mobile but it’s very well integrated with RPS game on the same mobile phone.


How to Launch RPS.exe Rock-paper-scissors game from command prompt (MS-DOS) on your Windows Mobile Phone?

1. Launch MS-DOS Mobile application

MS-DOS Mobile 2

2. Type in the following commands to launch RPS.exe.

C:\>CD Games\RPS

Now you need to select the audio settings. I’ve opted for 2 – Sound Blaster. It’s time to set display setting now ! So, I’ve selected CGA or Tandy option !

RPS app says Mouse driver is not loaded, bailing out. Please load Mouse.com and run RPS again 🙂 I tried to load Mouse.com but it returns an obvious error MOUSE is not detected !!!  

Cortana comes to help me again in this case ! I can’t remember the last time I used a mouse with a touch screen 😀 Try running “Touch.COM” instead.


That is it, game is ready to play? NO, The RPS game gives another error !

Error! Not enough memory, RPS needs 641KB conventional memory and 2549KB extended memory to run.

I was having no clue what that was that error message 🙁

Cortana is here to help me out. It’s says “That’s odd, 640 K ought to be enough for anyone. Run the ‘MEM’ command see how much memory we’ve got.”

632 Kb free conventional memory
117 Kb free upper memory
6214 Kb free extended memory
0 Kb free expanded memory


Cortana gives another tip stating “OK. Move Touch driver into the free upper memory. Type ‘LOADHIGH TOUCH.COM'”


Now we’re almost ready to launch the game!


Launching RPS exe again. This time the actual game is launched correctly.


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  1. Can you load any files or games from outside the app. Can the SD card be accessed?
    I actually have a legacy application that could even prove useful on a mobile.


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