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Free SCCM Web Console Tool Cireson 1

SCCM console and features improved a lot during last 20+ years in the industry. However, there is and was always a request from the SCCM community that we need a web-based console. Cireson web-based console makes life easy for loads of IT teams as I blogged about the SCCM ConfigMgr web console tool/solution “Learn How to Empower IT Teams with SCCM ConfigMgr Anywhere Anytime Access“.

Cireson recently announced a free community edition of the Portal. This community edition of Cireson web console for SCCM is free of cost. This web console can be used for viewing key users, devices, and software information anywhere, anytime.  SCCM console solution from Cireson is powered by ConfigMgr (SCCM). This Community Portal is easy to use, web-based experience to make you more productive and help deliver instant gratification to end users. During setup, please leave the License Key screen blank!

Free SCCM Web Console Cireson

What are the features included in the Free Cireson Web Console?

Whether you’re an SCCM Admin, Help Desk Analyst, Desktop Support or on another IT team, you can enjoy these productivity-boosting features with SCCM Web console:

  • Quickly and easily know user details by viewing software and hardware information
  • View a detailed inventory summary of any selected computer in the Computers View
  • Understand deployment status for individual users and computers, along with other relevant organizational information with dashboards
  • Ability to integrate the Cireson Analyst Portal for Service Manager with the Portal for Configuration Manager to better align the support experience

Teams work better together When teams collaborate, efficiency and productivity increases. Here are some ways two of the most common IT team roles can leverage the power of Configuration Manager outside of the native Console.SCCM Web Console Cireson 1

Benefits to Administrative teams:

  • Provide your support teams with direct access to key information to more quickly resolve users’ problems
  • No Console installation required
  • Wizard-based installer to setup in minutes
  • Minimize risk with role-based security
  • Reduce human error and standardize processes
  • Dashboards to view key data at your fingertips
  • Free up your time to focus on business-critical IT functionsFree SCCM Web Console Cireson3

Benefits to Support teams:

  • No Configuration Manager Console installation required
  • Wizard-based installer to setup in minutes
  • Beautiful and intuitive web interface with little training required
  • Role-based security for controlled access

Video Explains about Cireson Community version of ConfigMgr Portal 

The Community Portal is ready for immediate download here


  1. Hi – Has anybody successfully installed the free version? I am having hard time. Do, I install all the components or just a few of them?

  2. What components are required for the “Configuration Manager WEB Console” (it is possible to select up to 4 components)

  3. Hi – Do, I need to follow the entire installation guide (which is 70 pages) just to configure the free console tool? Here is the install guide link from Cireson

    I wish they put of a new guide or video for free version install. There are 2 files when you download the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager v2.0 (Cireson ConfigMgr Portal & Manual Install). Which one should I should use for installing free version?

    Inside Cireson ConfigMgr Portal there is one file called ConfigMgr Portal Installer.exe. When, I run this file it is asking for Configuration Manager Database Settings, CMP Database Settings, MDT Database settings. I am not certain that information to provide for the above.

    Anyway, I lost interest in this free tool. Will wait for people to test out and provide more info. As of now, I am very happy with MS console.

  4. Hello,

    First and foremost, thank you for downloading the Community version of the Cireson Portal for ConfigMgr (CMP) and confident you’ll see immediate value with our solution. I am the Solutions Architect Manager for Cireson and want to address the questions asked.

    Cireson is currently placing the finishing touches on the updated documentation and video including automated installation instructions. This will be available shortly, so check Anoop’s blog or around 7/10/2017 for the updated instructions. Apologize for the delay on that.

    You can use either installer from the download (Manual or Installer) for the Community Version of the Portal. Just leave the licensing key field blank.

    The components required for installation at a minimum are the ‘Install Database’, ‘Install Website’ & ‘Install Services’. MDT Integration is optional, if you have MDT installed and would like to leverage, then select ‘Install All Components’. In the interim, a short installation guide along with component information can be found!As_y33FjT6FyhUQoMnMxuZ5YBrL0

    Feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

    Hope that helps and appreciate everyone’s feedback.


  5. Hello Everyone,

    Wanted to let everyone know Cireson has updated CMP install documentation available at

    Additionally, the CMP administrative documentation is available at

    If videos are your thing, then check these out.

    10 Minute CMP Installation Video

    65 Minute CMP Webinar contains configurations and differences between full and community versions


  6. As of January 30, 2018 they have shut down access to this file and won’t support it further. Is there any other location I can re-download this file as I can’t find the original dl file I had? Thanks

    From the website –
    Effective January 30, 2018 this app has been retired by Cireson.

    Our Vision
    At Cireson, we are passionate about System Center and are constantly innovating to bring you cutting edge solutions to maximize your investment and help you #domore with Microsoft. With this vision, we want to ensure that all companies utilizing Microsoft Configuration Manager have the most productive and consumer friendly solution on the market to achieve maximum success.

  7. Hi All,

    Actually, the SCCM Community apps have been rolled up into a powerful solution called True Control Center or TCC. So, if you’re looking for Remote Manage, User Device Affinity & User Centric just download TCC ( It is a full version and provides additional functionality to benefit both SCCM Admins and IT Staff. Just a heads-up the trial is valid for 30 days, if needed beyond 30 days, contact us at [email protected].
    Check out this short video

    showing the rolled-up community apps in TCC integrated with our Analyst Portals. FYI – TCC also allows you to reset and unlock AD passwords. Tons more features to come, so be on the lookout.



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