SCCM Facebook Professional Community Forum Reaches 5000 Members


The SCCM Facebook Professional Community group reaches 5000 members mark today. This is the most active SCCM Facebook community group with lots of great discussions. I’ve never seen an SCCM FB group with more than 5000 members!! We’ve started Facebook professional community forum just more than a year now.

We feel very grateful that we helped loads of people via this Facebook group. The forum is owned by the real community of SCCM professionals who help each other.

Admin team of the forum is just provides the platform so that people can ask “relevant” questions. TechNet forums are very useful as always, however, I feel Facebook forum is coming with more real emotions with more personal touch.  We’ve great team of “real” professionals in this group, who are always ready to help each other and ready to share their experience!! And that is the key !!

Join the Facebook group here …..

SCCM Facebook Group 5000 Members

Many thanks to all the members of this group to keep this group very active.

We also have WhatsApp group with more than 50 members. We can accommodate only 100 members in that group (whatsapp limitation of the group) !!

Thank you ALL again !!

From Admin Team …….



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