SCCM Patching Software Update Process Guide

Learn how to create patch packages and deploy to machines via SCCM CB


Third Party Patching Best Practices for an Organization guideThis is again a videos tutorial to help the IT Pros in learning the patching (a.k.a Software Update patching) process with the latest version of SCCM. This video guide is the high-level Patching Guide for SCCM beginners. There is no much difference between SCCM 2012 patching and SCCM Current Branch Patching.

What is Patching?

All software applications/drivers need to go through the software release life cycle. This Software release life cycle includes bug fixing and improvements.

To fix the bugs of software and drivers, each vendor releases a patch. The process of deploying/installing these patches to one or more systems or devices is called software patching.

Patching of all existing applications is mandatory for the organizations. The patching process helps to keep the environment secure.

The software vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux and Unix OSes, etc. release patches. These patches cover bug fixes for their software.

Why a Patching Guide?

Recently, I saw someone is looking for video tutorial related to SCCM Software Updates in our Facebook group (which has near about 11000 members now).

I thought ok, let me create a quick 25 minutes video to cover the software update process in SCCM CB. I tried to give a quick overview of the end to end SCCM Software Update (patching) process.

Learn SCCM Software Update Patching Guide

The process explained in the above Video !!

  1. WSUS
  2. SUP Installation log files
  3. Software Update Component Configuration – Classifications/Products
  4. Software Update Sync – Log file WsyncMgr.log
  5. Selection of Patch/Software Update and Creation of Software Update Group
  6. Deployment of Software Update Group
  7. End User Experience at Windows 10 1511 device
  8. What happened to WindowsUpdate.log??
  9. How to Speed up SCCM policy flow ?
  10. Windows 10 SCCM Client side logs – Reboot required ? If yes reboot the Windows 10 1511 device

I would recommend Reading Third Party Patching Best Practices for an Organization guide for non Microsoft app patching process.


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