How to Download Free SCOM OpsMgr HTML5 Dashboard

Savision’s new dashboards give us the ability to display data through the use of its new HTML 5 technology. Savision’s HTML 5 dashboard is fully integrated with System Center ! Dashboards by Savision comes with a free version, which includes out-of-box dashboards and one custom-authored dashboard. The dashboard content is displayed using widgets. Using widget is very easy, just need to drag and drop then select a combination of a user interface control and a data provider. More details about Free Dashboards by Savision is here.

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SCOM provides great monitoring of Infrastructure and applications. But how about the graphical representation of monitoring data? Of-course, there is lot to improve, so Savision Dashboard is here to bridge the gap between SCOM and user friendly graphical representation of data. Dashboards by Savision helps us to Identify, prioritize, and resolve !! Dashboard is very easy to configure and install. We just need to place big monitors for ITPros to monitor your infrastructure and applications ! This dashboards will be available on mobile devices so you don’t need to go to office or connect to VPN to get these information.

What are the special FEATURES?

Zero Cost
Mobile Friendly Monitoring
Easily Customize Dashboards by Dragging and Dropping
Stop Drowning in Information
Seamless Integration with Microsoft System Center
Focus on Business-Critical Priorities

Video :- Dashboards by Savision Demo !!!   

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