How to Use SCVMM to Build a Datacenter Abstraction Layer and Fabric Resources

Savision White Paper
Savision White Paper

Savision is back with another White paper and Webinar by MVP Thomas Maurer. In this White paper  Thomas Maurer explains about Philosophy of Data Center Abstraction, Fabric Management with SCVVM and more about the changing world of cloud computing.

Download the Whitepaper: WMM (Fabric) Management and Resource Pooling from here.

On the challenging shift to Cloud Computing, Microsoft has defined  the four key attributes that give value and design to a cloud solution. To help with you in this new changing world, Savision came up with Webinar.

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More details :-

Microsoft SCVMM provides an abstraction layer over existing fabric resources to transform a traditional data center into a dynamic and flexible cloud services infrastructure. With the extensibility provided by add-ins, it is possible for vendors like Savision to deliver high-class extensions that can help fabric administrators tune and configure their cloud infrastructure and focus on delivering a platform for the deployment of elastic and scalable services.

In a modern datacenter we have to allow customers to deploy services without considering the underlying physical resources such compute, storage or networking. SCVVM lets you manage fabric components and pool them together in clouds. The resources in these clouds can then be associated to different customers or tenants who can make use of them in the deployment of new virtual machines and services via self-services portals.


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