Share SFlow data from real SCOM OpsMgr environments and WIN Xian SNMP Device Simulator License Free

Jalasoft  planning to add new user-requested features SFlow for their SCOM / OpsMgr solution “Xian Network Manager“. Jalasoft Xian team is looking for SFlow data from REAL/LIVE OpsMgr environments this will help them to add the user requested feature to their solution Xian Network Manager.

If you’re interested then collect the SFlow data from your environment and send it to [email protected] . In return Jalasoft Xian team will provide you a FREE license of their product Xian SNMPDevice Simulator. Excited ? Are you interested to no more details about how to collect SFlow from OpsMgr environment, follow the blog post by Jalasoft Xian team.


So what is Xian Network Manager? Xian Network Manager add-on which extends OpsMgr /SCOM monitoring capabilities. This can helps our IT team to predict something is going to happen in our network and alert the required people. Netflow with Xian NM 2012 SP2, you really have a clearer picture of what traffic is passing through, where it comes from and where it goes to. So the key point is Xian NM 2012 SP2 is now fully capable to provide you a heads-up whenever traffic behaves out of the ordinary.

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