SQL Server Performance Monitoring using AppInsight

We’re now in an industry where people always try to reduce manual efforts and implement whatever automation process they can. SQL server troubleshooting is not a piece of cake that we can troubleshoot very easly and find a resolution. It may take hours to find whether we actually have a issue with SQL or not. Especially when we”re dealing SQL performance issues, there are loads of analysis that we need perform before reaching any conclusion. How to reduce the time, people investing, in this kind of troubleshooting? How to provide support engineers a helping hand to understand the root of the problem with in “no time” ?

SolarWinds AppInsight provides deep visibility into SQL Server performance for sysadmins, DBAs, and SQL developers.  AppInsight for SQL helps you quickly identify and troubleshoot SQL performance problems. With AppInsight, you have instant visibility into long-running queries and can see actual query details, so you can notify developers of the exact query issue that is causing the application performance problem.

Download the trail version of AppInsight from here !! Read more about SolarWind’s another list of great tools here !!

Visualize database status & capacity, active user connections, SQL Server error logs & SQL agent job status
Find expensive queries by CPU time & average duration
Visualize SQL storage metrics to identify performance issues
Determine the cause of performance issues & get expert advice for issue remediation

In addition to long-running queries, AppInsight for SQL provides information on:

Database & log file size
Application details
Buffer manager statistics
Active user connections
Latches & locks
SQL agent job status
SQL event log message details
Disk performance

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