How to Test SCOM OpsMgr Full Capability in the Lab Using SNMP Devices

JalaSoft has released JalaSoft XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5. Lot of times I’ve a challenge testing the functionality of the network monitoring components of SCOM in the labs. When we’ve access to real switches routers etc then we really don’t have any problem. When we’re not connected to real devices then there is a problem.

Enhanced version JalaSoft XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5 can help us to test all the functionality of network components of SCOM or OpsMgr. Download the XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5 from here.  SNMP Simulator  can help us to test a specific device for real world activity. We can also test more than 1000 devices very easy. These are some of the scenarios we can achieve very easily in a lab setup with JalaSoft XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5.

Download the  JalaSoft XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5 ==> here.
For more details and download the PDF file for more details XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5 ==> Here
Xian SNMP Device

Enhanced Features

  • Create a virtual network device in seconds
  • Simulate any network device through the Device Recorder feature
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Historical Simulation
  • IP Address Manager
  • Generate simulated devices from scripts
  • Save simulation configurations


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