Today is Windows 10 Event and How to watch it Live

Today (21-Jan-2015) is Next Windows 10 preview (Consumer) version announcement event and what I can see is that all IT Pros are more excited than “real” consumers. There could be some news towards (managing WIndows 10 devices) IT pros community as well in todays event. This Microsoft event is open for all via Live Streaming.  Live Streaming of this event is at tonight 10:30 PM India time (9:00 AM PST). It seems we can get to know more about the consumer features of Windows 10. I’m looking forward to hear more about the Windows Phone version of Windows 10. Getting ready to update consumer preview version of Windows 10 into my Windows phone !! Probably somewhere in February, Microsoft will release the Windows Phone version of 10.

Link for the Live streaming Windows 10: Briefing event =

Windows 10 Consumer Event


Another announcement that I’m  looking forward is new browser (code named as Spartan) announcement !! So it would be end of new versions of very old browser called Internet Explorer !!

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