How to Unenroll Remove Android Phone Device from Intune plus SCCM 2012


Enrollment process of Android devices in to Intune and SCCM 2012 hybrid environment is very easy when compare the enrollment process of Windows Phone Mobile devices. However, the removal (unenrollment) process of Android devices are not very easy and straight forward. I’ve already blogged about Windows phone/Mobile device removal process from Intune (SCCM 2012 hybrid) environment “How to Unenroll Remove Windows Phone Device from Intune or SCCM 2012 Environment“. The Initial process to retire an Android mobile device from SCCM 2012 console is same as Windows Mobile device. I’ve a hybrid environment with Intune and SCCM 2012. The recommendation is to use retire (Wipe Company Content and Retire the mobile device from Configuration Manager) option from SCCM 2012 console.


Following is the step by Step process to Remove/Unenroll Android Mobile from Intune

1. As a normal user I tried to uninstall the “Intune Company Portal” application from my android mobile and as you can in the following screen captures, the device won’t allow to unenroll / delete the Intune company portal. This is nice feature as the end users can’t be able to remove their device from a managed environment. Two options available in Intune company portal for Android mobile user are DEACTIVATE and OPEN.


2. It won’t allow you to DEACTIVATE Intune Company portal application from a managed mobile. See the screen capture below. It says “This app is device administrator and must be deactivated before uninstalling“. This is strange isn’t it? I didn’t try to uninstall the Intune company portal rather I tried deactivate it and the message says you need to deactivate it 😉 Probably it meant say you need to deactivate (retire) this mobile device from SCCM 2012 console in a hybrid scenario.


3. Open SCCM 2012 console, As mentioned in my previous Intune Guides here, I’ve a hybrid environment with Intune and SCCM / ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3. I’m trying to remove or unenroll the Android mobile Nexus 5.

Open up SCCM 2012 console and right click on the Mobile device select Retire/Wipe option.

Retire Android Devices 1

4. There are two options available in this window “Retire from Configuration Manager“. Selective wipe and Remove all the data and return to factory settings. In this post I’m going to explain about CYOD /BYOD device which is enrolled into company portal.

Select Wipe Company content and Retire

Retire Android Devices 3

5. It’s nice that ConfigMgr SCCM is giving a warning a message and giving a chance again to cancel the retire or unenrollment operation of Android device.

“When you retire a mobile device, the information that is associated with this account on the mobile device (such as business apps, password requirements, and other settings) will also be deleted from this mobile device. The mobile device will be retired when it next downloads client policy. After the mobile device is successfully retired, it will no longer be managed by Configuration Manager”

Are you sure that you want to retire this mobile device?

Select YES. Don’t worry about waiting for next Intune policy cycle for android mobile device to get removed, what I’ve noticed is that for Android mobiles policy flow is ASAP. I got this policy on my Nexus phone with in 5 minutes.

Retire Android Devices 4

6. SCCM 2012 won’t always gives us a SECOND chance to cancel the operation but in this scenario SCCM gives us a second chance to cancel the retire .

 Right click on the Android mobile device in SCCM 2012 console and select the option called “Cancel Retire/Wipe

Retire Android Devices 5

7. Again a warning message about the Canceling the retirement or enrollment process. This would helpful to cancel the accidental retirement options selected by one of the employee.

“This mobile device might have already been retired/wiped but not yet reported this status to the Configuration Manager site. Are you sure that you want to cancel the retire/wipe request for this mobile device” 

When you want cancel the retire process then click on YES. In this case I would like to cancel it out.  As I wanted to retire the mobile.

Retire Android Devices 68. As mentioned above, For Android Mobiles, we don’t need to wait 8 or 24 hours like IOS and Windows Phone Mobile devices to get the next policy from Intune services.

Within 5 minutes, I’ve received the updated Intune policy on my Nexus 5 device.

A notification from Intune Company Portal Application “Your device is no longer managed by your IT admin. Access to company data, apps and email might have been removed. To regain access, enroll your device

Super the unenrollment or removal process has been completed successfully.


9. Now when you go Google play and try to open “Intune Company portal” application then you will get new option called Uninstall 😉

You can uninstall the Intune Company portal now. Earlier there was no option to uninstall the option was to DEACTIVATE.


10. Uninstall the Intune company portal application from Android device.

Do you want to uninstall this app? Click OK to Uninstall the Intune Company Portal!



  1. My question is how to restrict end user to un enrol company portal from device. If you go andriod device settings go to security then device administrator you can easily deactivate company portal yourself.

    Second is how to sync personal data direct sync to onedrive storage we have hybrid office 365 environment.


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