VeeamON 2015 Schedule Builder Application is Ready

Ready for VeeamON 2015? Veeam released mobile app to select sessions and build our schedule by clicking on “Add to Schedule”. Also, we will get option to provide review of the breakout sessions using the VeeamOn 2015 application. This app is available in all the three (only two I think :)) major platforms. VeeamON 2015 is an premier event organized by Veeam.VeeamON 2015 is designed to connect the world’s leading IT experts and visionaries to learn how to ensure Availability for the Modern Data Center. More details about this in my previous post here.

Screenshot_2015-10-05-23-27-55Once you login with registration code and email id, select the option VeemON 2015 Oct 25-Oct 29 Oct 2015.Screenshot_20151021-075756

Event Guide screen of VeeamON app gives more details VeeamON 2015 event, Location of the event, Agenda (you can customize your agenda), Session details (options to provide feedback about sessions), Speakers details and sponsors details etc….


About screen gives more details about the VeeamON conference how it benefits to ITPros with modern Data center technologies.


Speakers information provides description about them and their expert areas. The speakers are from different organization apart from Veeam.Screenshot_20151021-080945

In the agenda screen, you can select and schedule your events for VeeamON 2015. Also, you can keep reminders for your favorite sessions using this application.


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