VeeamON 2015 The Words Premier Data Center Availability Event

I’m very excited about VeeamON 2015. What is VeeamON 2015? This is an premier event organized by Veeam.VeeamON 2015 is designed to connect the world’s leading IT experts and visionaries to learn how to ensure Availability for the Modern Data Center. VeeamON 2015 is World’s Premier Data Center Availability Event. WOW! An event which is entirely on availability of Modern Data Centers. VeeamON 2015 is is going to happen in Las Vegas October 26 -29. This year, I’ll be there in Vegas to participate this event !!! 4 days, more than 2800 IT Pros and 80+ live sessions.


VeeamON 2015 will be an ideal place for Leaders in the industry, Subject Matter Experts and IT professional along with Data Center experts to meet their peers and discuss and immerse in to  the Most Modern Data Center availability technologies. More Details and Registration Details about VeeamON 2015 in the below link.  Join Veeam at VeeamON 2015 to discover a new level of availability for your Modern Data Center technologies. The pillar of VeeamON 2015 event is education on Availability for the Modern Data Center. We have extended the conference to run 2.5 days to accommodate more sessions and longer technical presentations.

More details about VeeamON 2015Here

VeeamON 2015 will offer otheir highly coveted VMCE training course at a deeply discounted rate. VMCE training will run for 2.5 days prior to the start of the actual conference to allow attendees to participate in BOTH events. VeeamON 2015 will take place at the beautiful Aria Resort hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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