VeeamON Virtual Conference Recording Announcements

It was great to be part of VeeamON Virtual conference Expert lounge program. I tried to explain details about Azure AD backup and Office 365 backup options during the expert launch.

Recording – VeeamON Virtual Conference

The event recordings are available on-demand more information link, including:

  • CEO’ session with Veeam Predictions 2020
  • Technical sneak peek with demos on upcoming releases from the Product Strategy team
  • And the tons of new content on the cloud, architecture, and implementation topics from Veeam and our sponsors Cisco, Nutanix, NetApp, and others. 


Let’s get some overview of significant announcements from the event. Below is the quick summary of releases and the slide that contains all new feature names that will come with Veeam Availability Suite. 

Veeam Availability Suite v10

  • Scale-out backup repository – Immediate backup copy to the object storageBefore, the cloud tier automatically moved older backups to the object storage. Now you can send backups to object storage once they are created.
  • Object Storage immutability – Lock backup files using native object storage capabilities to prevent ransomware from deleting them.
  • NAS backup – backup SMB and NFS file shares. You can restore an entire share, or individual files, or rollback to previous versions of your files.
  • Instant restore to VMware – Similar to instant restore to Hyper-V. Supports both virtual and physical backups

Veeam Backup for Office 365 v4

Following are some of the enhancement of Office 365 backup V4. More info here.

  • Office 365 Backup Support for object storage
    • Unlimited storage capacity
    • Simplify deployment in the public cloud
  • Added security at-rest encryption
  • Faster backup performance
VeeamON Virtual - Backup for Office 365 V4
VeeamON Virtual – Backup for Office 365 V4

Azure & AWS Backup

Cloud Native Veeam Backup for Azure & Veeam Backup for AWS backup for EC2 instances:


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