How to Download and Update Windows 10 on Mobile Phones


Microsoft released another version of Windows 10 for Mobile devices with 11 days from the last release. The latest version of Windows 10 for Mobile phones is 10052 (10.0.12534.59) and this is mainly to fix some of the critical bugs. I’ve a post with known issues or bugs with the previous version of Windows 10 for Mobile devices “Known Issues of Latest Windows 10 Build 10051 for Mobile Phones“. If you’re Windows Insider and you’re part of FAST RING then you would be able to update your Windows Mobile Phone to version 10052. My primary phone is getting upgraded now. Let’s wait for more details 🙂

Windows 10 Mobile Phone 10052

Here are the big things that Microsoft fixed with the latest version 10052 (Windows 10 for Mobile Phones):

Flight mode can now be enabled.

You can now disable data connections.

We fixed the bug in which your phone’s MMS settings were lost after upgrading from Build 9941.

We fixed the issue in which you couldn’t download keyboards for additional languages.

We fixed the issue where the viewfinder in the Camera app gets composed incorrectly on some devices like the Lumia 1020. Lumia 520 devices will also get new builds now !

Windows 10 Mobile Phone 10052



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