What is Hybrid Cloud? Win Hybrid Cloud Quiz?

Nowadays, everything is cloud, and there are many cloud offerings from different vendors. Most of the large organizations are into the hybrid cloud because of several reasons, and you can name the purposes of having a Hybrid cloud.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

For SCCM admins, the simple example of Hybrid cloud is SCCM servers which are connected to Intune with Co-Management options. But, you can get more accurate information about hybrid cloud below.

A hybrid cloud is a server infra environment that combines a public cloud and a private cloud by allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

Hybrid Cloud - Overview from Microsoft
Hybrid Cloud – Overview from Microsoft

Why Public Cloud? Organizations can gain flexibility and computing powers from a private cloud. The public cloud is mainly used for primary and non-sensitive computing tasks.

Why Private Cloud? To keep the business-critical applications and data on-premises, safely behind a company firewall, you can use a private cloud.

Why are organizations moving to Hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud is mainly because on-prem applications, data privacy issues, and security concerns (You can find many more reasons for having hybrid cloud environments).

Main Components of Hybrid Cloud

Following are the components of Hybrid cloud.

  • Networking
  • Identity
  • Security
  • Management

Hybrid Cloud Summer Quiz?

Now you know about Hybrid cloud now. More reading about Hybrid cloud in the resources section below.

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