What is the Next Version of SCCM ConfigMgr As A Service No SCCM 2016


So, SCCM/ConfigMgr is also following the Windows servicing model (Windows As-a-Service). To support Windows 10 servicing models, the enterprise client management software like SCCM/ConfigMgr should also follow the same servicing model and that would be SCCM/ConfigMgr as-a-Service. Going forward SCCM/ConfigMgr will also have servicing model, the Next version of ConfigMgr product won’t be called as SCCM 2016. The upcoming versions of SCCM will be branded as ConfigMgr YYMM (e.g ConfigMgr 1510). ConfigMgr 1510 is the latest preview version released in the month OCT (MM=10) and the YEAR 2015 (YY=15). More details about Windows servicing model here. So the question is about SCCM 2012 and Windows 10 support? What kind of support SCCM 2012 will provide for the Windows Servicing Branches?  More details about this in Brad Anderson post here. Also more details in Aaron Czechowski post here.WIndows Servicing with SCCM-1

When you are using SCCM to update Windows 10 rather than Windows Updates then you can utilize SCCM vNext servicing model to get more control over the Windows 10 upgrades in your organization. More details about this in the post here.WIndows Servicing with SCCM-2


  1. Hi Anoop,

    I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for your time.

    I have a queen for you. I have scam 2012 R2 Sp1 Cu1 on server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 R2. what are my options if I want to upgrade to Config Manager ? I want to avoid side by side migration if at all possible.


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