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The latest version of Windows 10 mobile phone has new option called Provisioning. What is this provisioning option in my new Windows 10 mobile phone (build #10051). I’ve blogged about the new features of Windows 10 Mobile phone. SCCM admins must be aware of this option. With this post, SCCM or Intune admins will come to know the difference between PKG and PPKG file? Provisioning option is enterprise related stuff. Don’t worry about this if you’re not a technical person. At this moment, I don’t know what kind of applications, certificates, WiFi profiles etc… can be configured and deployed as Provisioning package to Windows 10 mobile phone. The provisioning options is under Settings –> Accounts –> Provisioning.wp_ss_20150412_0004

Provisioning package can be deployed to mobile devices via Microsoft Intune (or SCCM hybrid) solutions. The provisioning packaged can be used to deploy new configurations as per the enterprise standards on to your Windows 10 mobile phones. A package prepares your device to use resources from your company or school. To add a package, use the installation media from your enterprise admin using flash drive or a network connection.


Next screen in the provisioning package shows the details how the can we import the provisioning package to Windows 10 mobile phones. Add provisioning package from SD/USB on to your Windows 10 Mobile phone. So another new exciting option is USB? Yes, Windows 10 Mobile phone can recognize USB drive now !!

Windows 10 Mobile Provisioning Package

How to create Provisioning packages?

OK, here you go. Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10 contains the application which helps to create provisioning packages. Download Windows ADK for Windows 10 from here.  So what is that application called? The name of the application is Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD). It has dependency on Deployment tools, Windows PE, USMT. So, to install Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD), we need to install other apps selected in the below screen as well. Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) is the application which is used to create provisioning package 🙂

Provisioning Package Option in ADK-WICD

Launch Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer and new project –> new provisioning package. You’ll be provided with a set of pre defined workflows. Use this workflow to buiild a customization package that targets a windows edition. You may then use this package to build a windows image or customize an existing one.

WICD-Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer

Provisioning packages can be created for different environments. Windows core, Windows Enterprise VL, Windows professional, All Windows mobile phones etc..

WICD-Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer-1

I’m trying to create a WiFi connection Profile provisioning package. These are the default workflows already available in Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (WICD). Some of them are Access Point Name, AlwaysOn, Enabled, ExemptFromDisablePolicy, IpHeaderCompression, IPType etc..

WICD-Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer-2

Provisioning Build package is completed now 🙂 I’m not going to use this package. This is only to give an overview of the provisioning package creation process. The extension of Windows Mobile Provisioning package which I created is *.PPKG.

WICD-Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer-7

“Windows Mobile WiFi.ppkg” provisioning package for Windows Mobile contains 5 files which includes 2 XML files and one log file called ICD.log (I think). Other two files which are part of Provisioning package security catalog file and main RunTime Provisioning Tool (ppkg) file.

WICD-Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer-8


  1. Hi, I am creating a PPKG and want to add the certificate. WHich kind of certificate is required to add here as the Trusted provisioning in ICD.
    I want to supress the dialog which comes during PPKG installation.


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