Windows 10 TP2 Build 10041 Installed and Evolving Beautifully

Windows 10 TP2 has released new latest build 10041. I’ve installed this in my laptop. I would say Windows 10 is evolving nicely and Microsoft is adding nice features as they hear users feedback. The new internet browser spartan  is not available in this release as well. Cortana is not available for India yet :(. First and foremost thing of Windows 10 10041 is the new SETUP screen of Windows Operating System which we never seen before. I love that Windows 10 New SETUP screen.

Windows 10 New SETUP Screen

Second point that I would like to highlight in new Windows 10 build 10041 is Windows 10 New LOCK SCREEN. I’ve seen reports that people can see “did you knows” as well as tips and tricks that help people to learn Windows 10 but I couldn’t find out in my LOCK screen. But the lock screen looks different and interesting.


Start Menu in Windows 10 New Build 10041 is transparent as expected.  So here is the transparent Windows 10 START menu for you. Another 2 points which I wanted note here is. In the start menu ALL APPs list is changed now. Windows 10 New build has most used apps at the top of the list in the start menu and it’s very useful.


Cortana is not enabled for Windows 10 TP users in India. Better luck India users next time 🙂


Windows 10 New Build 10041 has changed the WIFI connection look and feel. I’m loving the new WIFI settings/connection menu in the latest build.


Workplace Join option in PC SETTINGS menu is still there in Windows 10 new Build 10041. So it’s not time for Work JOIN.


Installed App and Featured got changes? Guess?


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4 thoughts on “Windows 10 TP2 Build 10041 Installed and Evolving Beautifully”

  1. Great – keep the reviews coming Anoop.
    I will download when it gets closer to a release date.
    When is that btw?
    Also – is there a WIN7 emulation GUI? Without the APPS gui?

  2. It seems I can’t enable the lock screen in the newest build – 10041.. When the computer sleeps, I used to get the lock screen, now I only get the sign on screen. How can I re-enable the lock screen?


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