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Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest Operating system released by Microsoft. Microsoft releases 2 major versions of Windows 10 every year. Win 10 is more a mobile operating system than the traditional one. Most of the management activities of Win 10 happens through OMA-DM channel.

Most relevant management channel of Win 10 is MDM instead, of the traditional WMI management. Win 10 security architecture is made based on 3(three) principles. Those three(3) security principles are protect, detect, and respond.  Win 10 pre-breach mitigation is aimed at device protection and threat resistance. Following are the main pillars of Window 10 security architecture.

As per my analysis this Spring Creators update has many security improvements. Following are some of my favourite security enhancement in Win 10 1803 Spring Creators update. I have some other posts on Win 10 security topics, and I recommend to read those to get more details about the Win 10 security road-map and architecture.