Xian Network Manager Wings and SNMP Device Simulator Videos Plus Promotion Offer

Jalasoft has wide range of products and some of them I like very much are Xian Network Manager Xian Wings and Xian SNMP Device Simulator. Xian Network Manager gives you a heads-up whenever traffic behaves out of the ordinary, so you can be on top of the issue before your users call you. With Xian Wings for SCOM 2007 and 2012, you have a real client application for your smartphone and tablet, which means states, alerts, performance graphs, and more are always at your fingertips. Perform any task from anywhere. Xian SNMP Device Simulator is very easy to install and use application that gives you the power to dynamically simulate any SNMP device you need.  Jalasoft prepared a special summer promotion for you.  Purchase any of our solutions: Xian Network Manager, Xian Wings and our SNMP Device Simulator at 40% OFF their original price.


For more information on Jalasoft solutions see our videos:



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