How to use Xian SNMP Device Simulator More Efficiently in SCOM labs

Here is an another opportunity to know more about excellent features of JalaSoft XIAN SNMP device Simulator V5. Jalasoft is arranging a demo to help the community to understand more efficient way to use Xian SNMP Device Simulator.  Xian SNMP device simulator is answer to the challenge in testing the functionality of the network monitoring components in SCOM labs. When we’ve access to real switches routers etc then we really don’t have any problem. When we’re not connected to real devices then there are loads of limitations.

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Join  Xian SNMP Device Simulator demo this Friday, June 27th for our Quick-  at 9 AM EST (New York)/ 15:00 PM CET (Zurich/Amsterdam) / 18:30 AM IST (New Delhi).

Register now for the demo here

Prize: Participants can join our raffle to win a small bundle license. This license allows you to simulate up to 50 devices!

  • Add several IP addresses for simulation automatically with our IP Manager.
  • Capture the exact same behavior of a real device with our Device Recorder and test systems without any risks.
  • Learn the basic procedure to simulate SNMP based devices.
  • Simulate changes on different device components and understand how systems interacting with these components react.
  • Learn how to simulate a specific dynamic behavior over and over again with the Historical simulation feature.
  • Learn how to export/import devices configurations and information for backup purposes or to reuse them later on.
  • Perform several operations like simulating devices and importing configurations through the command prompt or a script.

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