Xian Wings Helps Us NOT to Rush Back to the Office Again in the Middle of the Night


Xian Wings can be a great help for the holidays ahead since it lets you view your OpsMgr environment information anytime, anywhere.  I’m sure you don’t want to rush back to office during the Christmas and Year end holidays. As an IT administrator, we normally spend loads of time in SCOM or OpsMgr console viewing alerts and looking at the performance of your network backbone. In this world of mobility, how to view SCOM / OpsMgr alerts from mobile devices like iPad or Android devices.  Take action on the SCOM alerts on the move.

More details available on Xian team blog How Xian Wings Saved Christmas

Xian Year End Promotions

Christmas and Year End holidays are around the corner and I’m sure, you don’t want miss the greatest discount to purchase Xian products. Xian has announced 40 % discount for their products Xian NM, Xian Wings, and the SNMP Device Simulator. To know more about the discount offers check out Xian product website here. Another exciting new I wanted to share is, with the purchase of Xian NM, a free Xian Wings-our mobile solution license is included. So enjoy the mobility at the most during the Christmas and New year season.


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