Xian Wings V2.3 Helps to Get SCOM OpsMgr Alerts on Mobile Devices with More Details

Jalasoft announced the release of Xian Wings V2.3 for SCOM/OpsMgr 2012. The new version of Xian Wings comes with a new Server and brand new clients for Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Android based tablets as well as phones. Xian Wings is the mobile solution that allows you to monitor our SCOM (OpsMgr) environment on the go. When you are away from the office or just left the office and you received an critical alert on your phone, with the help of Xian Wings (a real client application for smartphone) you can go into deep analysis of that alert. That means you don’t have to go to office or connect VPN to check the alert details and resolve the issue.

Download the trail version of Xian Wings 2.3 here

Japasoft XIAN Wings 2.3-2

Xian Wings V2.3 can help you with states, alerts, performance graphs, Task Status, Notification, Shell and settings are always available fingertips away. The newest version of Xian Wings has been improved  communication between the server and the clients has been refined and is now more efficient in terms of data usage, making it faster and more reliable. As of now, the smartphone clients also have a shell console from where commands can be executed directly on the server. Furthermore, the tablet client has been improved and now gives the user the ability to import dashboards directly from SCOM. and users can now copy/cut and paste widgets from one to another dashboard.

Japasoft XIAN Wings 2.3-1

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