New Year 2014 is Around the Corner and It’s Time to Set New Resolutions

So the new year 2014 is around the corner. What is your new year resolution for 2014 ? It’s time to start the planning for next year. I’m not going to provide new year resolution tips. Veeam can understand your pulse so that is why they came with few helps. We can expect loads of revolutions in technology field as well as in all the other sectors. Be quipped for the new year 2014 revolutions. More details here.

Are you planning to buy new widgets Android, iPad or Surface? Are you planning to attend Microsoft Training or VMware Education Services course ? Are you planning to attend TechEd or VMworld 2014? Are you planning to build or enhance your home lab setup? As technet subscription already dead, are you planning to buy new MSDN subscription, Veeam NFR licenses and VMware vSphere. Wait …. … Veeam has some plans to help you !!!

Veeam New Year 2014 Resolution
Veeam New Year 2014 Resolution

There is a chance that you can win following :-

Register now to get one of the following prizes:

  • Tablet of your choice: Android, iPad or Surface
  • Class of your choice: Microsoft Training or VMware Education Services course
  • Event of your choice: TechEd or VMworld in your geography (pass, no travel)
  • Home lab with HP and Netgear products: one mega server, ReadyNAS Pro, SSDs and amazing WiFi router
  • Software kit: MSDN subscription, Veeam NFR licenses and VMware vSphere

Make sure to register before Dec. 24 to enter raffle!

Register here……

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