ConfigMgr SCCM Updates via Facebook Page with More than 2000 Likes

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Peaceful & Blessed New Year and all the best in 2014!’ !!! In this year, we’ve a great news and that is our Facebook page ConfigMgr 2012 reached another milestone. We’ve more than 2000 + likes!! This proves how helpful this page is been to SCCM community !! Like the page here. We already have a Facebook Group for SCCM ConfigMgr Professionals. Click here to join ConfigMgr professionals Facebook group

We’ve created this page to inform/share ConfigMgr professionals about the latest updates, tricks, solutions, Hotixes and tips from community experts and Microsoft. This page has been very helpful to me personally because I don’t want to go and look my RSS feeds every now and then to get the updates from IT world.

FB Page 2009 Likes
ConfigMgr FaceBook Page !!

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