Setup SCCM Third-Party Updates - Home

SCCM Third-Party Software Updates Setup Step by Step Guide Post 1

SCUP helped many of us to deploy third-party software updates for many years. Now, SCCM doesn't require SCUP to deploy Third-party updates....
Intune Microsoft Device Management Portal

Time to Move to New Intune Microsoft Device Management Portal

In Ignite 2018, Microsoft showed as us new Device management portal for Intune based device management and many other stuff. In this...
Windows 10 Azure AD Join Manual Process

Windows 10 Azure AD Join Manual Process – CYOD

I've explained the manual process of Windows 10 Intune enrollment for BYOD scenario. In the post, you will how to manually join...

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Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting

Windows Autopilot Troubleshooting – Beginners Guide

Windows Autopilot is Azure service to provision windows 10 build. Autopilot service is to simplify Windows OOBE and it happens primarily at Windows...
Repurpose Existing Devices to Windows Autopilot

Repurpose Existing Devices to Windows Autopilot – SCCM or MDT?

Repurposing of existing devices is one of the decisions that you want to make while you are getting ready with Windows Autopilot. I'm trying...
Windows Autopilot Deployment - white glove

Windows Autopilot Deployment Scenarios – On-Prem Hybrid Domain Join

Windows Autopilot deployment Scenarios and upcoming features are announced in the Ignite 2018. This post is based on the two sessions BRK3014 and BRK3015 by Tanvir Ahmed...

Azure IaaS Learning Opportunity Webinar?

Azure Learning Opportunity
I have explained the Azure learning process in the previous post. This post will give you an opportunity to "Keep yourself updated...

What is AIOps – Digital Transformation Powered by AIOps

What is AIOps
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzz word since few years. It seems all the modern applications are developed using AI and this...

Change Azure MFA Authentication Phone Number from MyApps Portal

Change Azure MFA Authentication Phone Home
In this post, I will go through how an Azure AD normal user can change their Azure AD authentication phone number from...

How to Cancel Azure Subscription and Create New One

Cancel Azure Subscription
I used Azure Pay as You Go subscription to test SCCM CMG and Co-management. I would admit that it was not a good decision....