ConfigMgr Microsoft RAP Results Real World Tips

ConfigMgr Microsoft RAP Results Real World Tips for SCCM Admins

In the previous post, I provided tips to have successful and effective SCCM MS RAP data collection in the  Real World. In this post, we...


Endpoint Security Configuration Management

What is Endpoint Security Configuration Management for Windows 10 Devices

Today’s security threat landscape is changed, and attacker’s motive has shifted toward making money by holding devices and data hostage until the owner pays...

Server 2016 Domain Join Error Code 0x0000267C

Editing host file can be dangerous, and it can be miss leading. This is the first lesson of this post. We will see how...

How to Store and Recover Windows 10 Bitlocker Keys

Several reasons might make a Windows 10 device go into recovery mode. Once recovery mode is enabled, the user needs to put in BitLocker...

How to Prevent Windows Devices from Enrolling to Intune

I have seen a scenario where Intune is exclusively used for managing iOS and Android Devices. Windows devices are managed through SCCM. And there...

Intune Azure Step by Step MSI Application Deployment Video Guide

How to upload and deploy MSI applications to Windows 10 machines with Intune via Azure console?  MSI application deployment could be one of the...

Video Tutorial for AAD Connect Setup User and Password Sync

SCCM admins have to go through AAD connect setup when they want  to build  Intune and SCCM hybrid lab. AAD Connect is the app...

Intune Modern Device Management Roles and Responsibilities

In this post, I will discuss Intune Modern Device management roles and responsibilities. I think the first version of Intune is released back in 2011 (or before...