What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud? Let’s learn What Windows 365 Cloud PC is. Well, I used Windows 365 brand name for Windows 11 PCs in one of the previous posts.

However, I didn’t know that Windows 365 is much more exciting than Windows 11, at least for me. What do you think?  The newest virtualization service (W365) is announced on July 14, 2021.

Windows 365 will generally be available on August 2nd, 2021. Windows 365 Cloud PC is here to deliver a full, personalized Windows PC experience from the cloud.

This offering can be accessed from any device and supports many user personas—more flexibility to workers and organizations.

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Windows 365 is a cloud service that introduces a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11. Windows 365 is part of MEM Intune Portal.

All the admin workloads related to Cloud PC are part Endpoint Manager portal. More details Cloud PC Windows 365 FAQs Frequently Asked + Questions AMA.

Windows 365 Enterprise Vs Business – What is Windows 365 Cloud PC

Microsoft’s recommendation is to use:

  • Windows 365 Business -> Organizations with up to 300 employees
  • Windows 365 Enterprise -> Organizations with more than 300 employees

Windows 365 Pricing

You can all the pricing details below:


Azure Virtual Desktop Vs Windows 365 Cloud PC?

I think we have different use cases for both scenarios. Let’s share my quick/initial hypothesis/thoughts on this. What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud?

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud
What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud

The Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD/WVD) is more suitable for shared workload kind of scenarios where Windows 10/11 PCs will be treated as server kind of workloads (multi-session).

The Windows 365 Cloud PC is mainly suitable for Single Session/persistent personal desktop scenarios. I don’t think Microsoft will be introducing shared PC or multi-session scenarios into cloud PC. We will see more clarifications from Microsoft soon? Here you go!

Azure Virtual DesktopWindows 365 Cloud PC (Enterprise)
Cloud VDI SolutionSaaS Solution
Windows 10 Single Session & Multi-Session Desktops and Remote AppsWindows 10 Single Session
Full control over management and deployment (?) – You can use whichever tool you want (SCCM/Intune/Third-part)?Simplified/Saasified Management only with MEM Intune/Other UEM solutions as well?
Citrix, VMWare integration NA
Consumption-Based PricingPer-user pricing
Windows 365 Cloud PC – More details New ways to deliver blog posts.

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 is the next step in personal computing with the world’s first cloud PC. It’s Windows in the cloud for you. More details about Windows 365 service are available Introducing Windows 365 Personal Desktop Cloud PC offering from Cloud. This Cloud PC is:

  • Persistent Windows PC
  • Always connected Windows PC

Let’s dive into more details of Windows 365 Cloud PC. With the introduction of cloud PC, the device management from The cloud PC helps to roam all your settings to Cloud PC from Physical PC.

This roaming includes desktop, wallpapers, Favourites, Browser history, content, etc… using Azure AD and many other technologies (?).

What is Windows 365 Cloud PC
What is Windows 365 Cloud PC – – Pic credit to Microsoft

Intune integration with Windows 365 Cloud PC

I feel like Windows Autopilot and Whiteglow (a.k.a pre-provisioning) all those technologies are integrated to get Windows 365 cloud PC.

As I mentioned above, all the workloads of Cloud PC are tightly integrated with MEM Intune. It’s part of the MEM portal itself.

  • Provision VMs
  • Deploy OS Images (Device Images)
  • On-premises network connection
  • User Settings
  • Resize VMs
  • Check the performance of the VMs
  • Deploy Apps
  • Deploy Security Policies
  • Deploy Defender policies
What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud
What is Windows 365 Cloud PC Windows in the Cloud

Cloud PC Workforce Scenarios

I have seen the following user persona’s created for Windows 365 PCs. Microsoft will be offering different types of virtual machine SKU’s for each persona. The GPUs are not listed down in their offering now. But hopefully, that is something in place for the future.

  • Frontline workers, Call centers, Education/training/CRM access.
  • Mergers and acquisition, Short-term and seasonal, Customer Services, Bring-Your-Own-PC, Work from home.
  • Market Researchers, Government, consultants.
  • Finance, Government, consultants, Healthcare services.
  • Software developers, engineers, Content Creators, Design and Engineering workstations.

Windows 365 ISV Partners

The ISV partners use the cloud PC API/Graph API to provide a better experience for the organization and end-users. There are four ISV partners announced by Microsoft today, and those are:

  • Nerdio
  • UKG
  • ServiceNow
  • NetApp


  • Get started with Windows 365


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