SCCM Explained
SCCM is Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. This solution is used by most of the organizations in the world to manage their enterprise devices. This is the best resource to Learn and troubleshoot on issues.

How is SCCM Used?
SCCM solution is mainly used to manage Windows devices. But it has rich capability to manage Linux, Unix and Mac OS devices as well. As per Microsoft, this tool is managing more than 75% of enterprise devices of the world.

How CAN SCCM Be Applied to Your Organization?
This solution can be used to install application within your organization. OS deployment is another feature of this solution used within most of the enterprises. Another important use of this solution is to deploy patches across the enterprise and secure those devices.

There are 1000000 devices managed by this solution around the world. And SCCM device management solution is used within organizations to deploy millions of applications.
Server Client Application
This solution is a server client application. All the managed clients inventory is stored in CM SQL database.

SCCM Core infrastructure, Updates for Configuration Manager, Supported configurations for Configuration Manager, Cloud-attached management of CM, Co-management for Windows 10,
Manage clients on the internet, Windows as a service, CMPivot, Application management.
Other Uses for SCCM
SCCM can used for Manage apps from the Microsoft Store for Business, OS deployment, Introduction to OS deployment, Upgrade to Windows 10, Phased deployments, Software update management, Introduction to software updates management, Manage Office 365 ProPlus updates.

SCCM MVP community group is one of the known community groups in the IT Industry.