What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager MEM MEMMI MEMCM Updates

Microsoft introduced a new product called Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It seems SCCM or ConfigMgr and Intune re-branding is happening during MS Ignite 2019. Intune and SCCM are merging as one product offering from the Microsoft perspective, and that product is called Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager(a.k.a MEM) combines more than two or three productions under one branding. You can take a flexible path to cloud management using Endpoint Manager. The Endpoint Manager helps organizations speed up their cloud journey. MEM also helps to Secure, deploy, and manage all users, apps, and devices without disruption to existing processes.

Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) based on our Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute in the Unified Endpoint Management market.

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IntroductionMicrosoft Endpoint Manager(MEM)

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a group of products. The following are the list of products:

  • Microsoft Intune – Cloud-based unified management.
  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager – On-premises and cloud-based management.
  • Windows Autopilot – Simplified device deployment.
  • Endpoint Analytics – Data-driven recommendations.
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Endpoint protection from cyberthreats.
  • Azure AD – Universal platform to manage and secure identities.

Microsoft announced MEM in Microsoft Ignite!

1E Nomad
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Microsoft Intune (MEMMI)
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM)
SCCM and Intune are part of Microsoft End Point Manager
SCCM and Intune are part of Microsoft EndPoint Manager

It was quite a surprising announcement during Microsoft Ignite that SCCM and Intune are becoming one product. And it’s called MEM. I never had any clue about these changes!!

Re-brand SCCM to MEM Configuration Manager MECM or MEMCM. More details from David James here.

Re-brand Intune to MEM Intune – MEMI 🙂 🤣🤣 that is my speculation. I don’t know what exactly Intune will be called.

What is Changing in SCCM and Intune World?

As per David James- > Is #SCCM finally dead? No, but it is rebranded, and I will be doing my best to retire the hashtag. I consider there are 3 parts to this announcement, the first is out. The other 2 key pillars are coming today and tomorrow. …#ConfigMgr#Memcm#Mempowered

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager MEM MEMMI MEMCM Updates 1

@djammmer – I know a lot of folks are preparing/presenting content for the next few weeks. We at Microsoft will still refer to the product as #configmgr. We will just not be using “system center” or #SCCM in the reference; as ConfigMgr still exists! and is not going away! But is now part of MEM.

@djammmer – “Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a big step forward as we clarify our vision for the future of modern management. Co-management is a destination”!! Not a bridge, it can be a destination.


More details about SCCM & Intune Changes

The following is the quote from Microsoft’s announcement “The future of management: Microsoft Endpoint Manager.”

Our management vision has not been as simple as it could be. ConfigMgr and Intune have both played a role, but it hasn’t always been clear what the future holds. So, let me be very clear—this vision includes both ConfigMgr and Intune. Co-management isn’t a bridge; it’s a destination.

In addition to Intune and ConfigMgr, MEM includes the Device Management Admin Center (DMAC) and Desktop Analytics.

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager MEM MEMMI MEMCM Updates 2

Video Related to MEM

Watch this video on YouTube.


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