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I hope you already heard about the SCCM cloud attach (wait, MECM Cloud Attach) many times before. Let me tell you cloud attach is a bit different now! All the details are taken from Jason Githens & Rob York session in MS Ignite 2019. More information about the Ignite session below.

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Yes, you are correct! SCCM cloud attach is not new here. Microsoft mentioned about the SCCM cloud attached features in the last MS Ignite. The following ⏬⏬was the offering from Microsoft.

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Cloud Attached SCCM - Last Year MS Ignite Slide
Last Year MS Ignite (2018) Slide

Microsoft did a great job of evolving to the new vision of cloud attach with the following options. With the Microsoft Endpoint Manager announcement, Microsoft is trying to help organizations to reduce the friction in the Modern Management strategies. 

  • Cloud console
  • Tenant attach
  • Client attach
  • Single pane of glass

User Experience Analytics

User experience analytics comes with the following components as per Jason. You can listen to the recorded video of this session to know more about these topics.

  • Startup Performance
  • Remediation Scripting
  • Recommended Software
  • Experience Score
End User Experience with User Experience Analytics
End User Experience with User Experience Analytics

I hope these new options will to help customers to achieve their organizational goals, as Jason explained in the presentation.

1E Nomad
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Retention
  • Attracting New Talent
  • Change Control Dashboard (Change Control with User Experience in a data driven way)

What is User Experience Analytics?

User Experience Analytics - Dashboard
User Experience Analytics – Dashboard

What is Cloud Attach

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As per Rob (check out the recorded session below), the cloud attach is the option to leverage the combined power of Microsoft Endpoint Manager by connecting SCCM to Intune.

There are two parts to Cloud Attach, and that is very well explained in the below slide deck. More details below sub-sections.

SCCM Cloud Attach Options - SCCM Cloud Attach - SCCM Tenant Attach
SCCM Cloud Attach Options – SCCM Cloud Attach – SCCM Tenant Attach

Tenant Attach

Tenant Attach – Connect your SCCM site to Microsoft Intune for instant cloud console and troubleshooting power. The “tenant attach” is on-demand connected architecture. No, Microsoft is not replicating the entire SCCM DB to Intune!!

The tenant architecture is an on-demand connection when you click on an item in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager portal. Also, these types of information will give help desk teams a better experience.

SCCM Cloud Attach Architecture Diagram
SCCM Cloud Attach Architecture Diagram

The following are the features you will be able to enable with SCCM tenant attach:

  • Cloud Console through Microsoft Endpoint Admin Console (EMAC)
  • ATP Integration
  • Helpdesk
  • Desktop Analytics
  • User Experience Analytics
  • Web front-end CMPivot

Client Attach through Co-Management

SCCM Client attach is nothing but co-management. We have many guides about SCCM co-management. I would recommend going through the latest one, “SCCM CMG Schema Workflow Scenarios.”

Client Attach Features!

  • Conditional Access
  • Modern Provisioning through Autopilot
  • Management from Anywhere

How to Attach SCCM to Cloud Tenant?

As per Rob, this tenant attach option will be coming to future SCCM versions. I shall presume in 2002 version of SCCM or later!

How do you prepare for the SCCM cloud attach? Start preparing for co-management options.

  • Enable the option “Import data to Intune for cloud console
Import data to Intune for cloud console SCCM Cloud Attach - SCCM Tenant Attach
Import data to Intune for cloud console SCCM Tenant Attach

Session – SCCM Cloud Attach

Device Management:

Attach Configuration Manager to Microsoft Intune and the Microsoft 365 cloud – https://myignite.techcommunity.microsoft.com/sessions/81674


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