Reset Windows 10 Fix Operating System Related Issues

Windows 10 1803 comes with an option to reinstall the OS with or without removing the personal files from the device. I would recommend keeping all the personal files in the cloud storage instead of the local hard disk of the machine. There could be many reasons to reset or reinstall or rebuild windows 10 machine. In this post, we will see how to reset Windows 10 1803 without using any ISO images.

Why Reset Windows 10 1803?

There could be several reasons for resetting a Windows PC. Windows 10 device isn’t running well, resetting it might help to resolve the issues. Reset Windows 10 1803 gives us an option to keep the personal files or remove them. Reset will reinstall the Windows 10 1803 operating system.

Video Tutorial –   Reset Windows 10 1803

Watch this video on YouTube.

How to Start the Reset of Windows 10 1803

  1. Navigate to Settings from start menu
  2. Select “Update & security” from settings page
  3. Click Recovery in the left pane
  4. Click Get started under Reset this PC in the right pane

You need to choose an option before Windows 10 initiates the reset process:-

Patch My PC

Keep My Files – This option removes all apps and settings from Windows 10. But this will take care of personal files. Those files won’t get deleted.

Remove Everything – This option will remove all personal files. This will also remove all your applications, and settings.

Reset Windows 10 1803

What will happen with Keep My Files Windows 10 reset option?

When you select Keep My Files option (as you can see in the below picture), Windows 10 will give a warning page depending upon the applications you have installed. In my scenario, it informs me that most of my apps can be reinstalled from Microsoft store.

1E Nomad

The following list of applications should be downloaded and installed from web or installation media.

  • Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Mozilla FireFox

Ready to reset this PC” is the NEXT page of the reset window.

Windows 10 reset will:-

Remove all apps and programs
Change the settings back to their defaults
Reinstall Windows 10 without removing personal files

If you want to Reset the Windows 10 PC by keeping the personal file then – Click on RESET button. 

Make sure your PC has connected to power before resetting Windows 10. The machine will restart and reset will take time to complete. More details available in the video tutorial.

Reset Windows 10 1803

Remove Everything Option of Reset Windows 10

Remove everything option of Windows 10 reset will give you two (2) options:-

Just remove my files
Remove files and Clean the drive

Just Remove My Files

Just Remove my files is quicker, but less secure Windows 10 reset option. Use this if you are keeping the PC with you.  Ready to Reset this PC? More details available in the video tutorial. Resetting will Remove:-

All the personal files and user accounts on this Windows 10
All Apps and Programs
Any changes made to settings

Once you are ready to reset the PC, Click on Reset Button

Remove files and Clean the Drive

Remove files and clean the drive reset option might take a few hours, but will make it harder for someone to recover your removed files. Use this if you are recycling the PC or even for AutoPilot testing.

Once you are ready to reset the PC, Click on Reset Button

Reset Windows 10 1803 Experience

Reset Windows 10 1803

Windows 10 device will restart several times and it’s going to take long time to complete the reset operation.

Resources:-  Recovery options of Windows 10 1803.

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  1. I hope this feature is an old feature and is there with previous builds also. this option is visible if you are an admin on the machine.

  2. How would this work with BitLocker already on the machine? Will the user be required to reset the TPM chip?


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