Download Whitepaper How to Monitor Linux Workloads with OMS

Monitoring is the strongest line of defense in any datacenter environment. To achieve the best result IT Professionals are using a plethora of tools to build a complete monitoring solution. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform provides more predictive & analytical capabilities to keep your data center healthy.

FREE Whitepaper on OMS. Download the whitepaper here

Download Savision’s newest whitepaper, written by Microsoft MVP Janaka Rangama: ‘Born in the Cloud: Monitoring Linux Workloads with OMS‘, which focuses on monitoring Linux workloads with OMS for analytics, proactive monitoring and resource utilization in your heterogeneous data center environment. Additionally, the whitepaper provides insights on how organizations can combine the existing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) environments with OMS to gain control over modern hybrid clouds.


With this whitepaper, you will learn:

-What is OMS

-The difference between OMS & SCOM

-How to monitor Linux workloads with OMS

-How to successfully integrate OMS with SCOM

You can download the whitepaper here:

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