BYOD MTD CYOD Strategies Work along with Intune ConfigMgr

BYOD MTD CYOD Strategies Work along with Intune ConfigMgr. Integration of ConfigMgr and Intune may help cooperates (or their IT departments) to manage mobile devices and user devices.

As most of us know, cooperates are promoting  Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD).

Remember, there are lots of advantages as well as disadvantages with BYOD. Security is the main concern of BYOD devices. It seems now we need to think about the “Manage Their Devices” (MTD) strategy along with BYOD and CYOD.

BYOD MTD CYOD Strategies Work along with Intune ConfigMgr

Windows Intune along with ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 is the best product to support cooperate devices as well as user-owned devices. To know more about Intune capabilities go through the following.

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It’s easier to manage to cooperate network devices and users’ own devices after the integration of ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune. IT department can use the same interface (ConfigMgr / SCCM admin console ) to manage thick clients (office workstations),

Mobile devices, Users’ own mobile devices, and Users’ own laptops or workstations. So the Manage Their Devices should work very well with these technologies.

With the Integration of Windows Intune and ConfigMgr 2012, the IT department can easily support and manage hybrid scenarios (on-premises devices and off-premises devices) from the same interface. Now, Anti-malware and Antivirus solution is also integrated with Intune and ConfigMgr or SCCM.

With these technologies, you can easily manage and apply cooperate policies on user-owned laptops. Some everything under one umbrella. Isn’t it very promising? BYOD MTD CYOD Strategies Work along with Intune ConfigMgr.


Now back to technical stuff, Microsoft has detailed “How to Manage Mobile Devices by Using the Windows Intune Connector in Configuration Manager” in the following TechNet article here. The following topics are the highlight of this article.

The Company Portal and User-Owned Devices
The Windows Intune Subscription and the Windows Intune Connector
Prerequisites for Intune out ConfigMgr
The Windows Intune Subscription
The Windows Intune Connector Site System Role with ConfigMgr
Mobile Device Enrollment
Device Life-cycle Management
Compliance Settings for Mobile Devices That Are Enrolled by Using the Windows Intune Connector for ConfigMgr
App Management for Mobile Devices
Mobile Devices or BYOD Hardware Inventory


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