How to Deploy Applications and MAM Policies to Mobile Devices Using Intune Part 1

Intune is Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Information Management (MIM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) SAAS solution by Microsoft. Intune can be used to protect the corporate data using Mobile Application Management policies and conditional access. When you deploy MAM enabled applications with MAM policies to mobile devices then you can restrict the transfer of data between managed applications and native mobile applications. In this series of posts, I’ll explain end to end process of application addition/upload, deployment along with MAM policies. Following are the other posts which will be published later as part of this series.

Part 2Create and Deploy Mobile Application Management Policy (MAM)

Part 3 –  Deploy mobile applications along with MAM policies to Intune user or device groups

In this post, we are going to cover, the process of uploading/adding Google or Apple Store application to Intune. To upload/add an application to Intune, click on Add apps from Intune console.


From Microsoft Intune Software Publisher application, Select the operation that you want to perform “add software“.

How to Upload Android Application to Microsoft Intune

Select the platform and specify the location of the software files and select how this software is made available to devices. For iOS applications, select “Managed iOS App from the App Store“. When you want to deploy apps to Android devices application, then select the option called “external link“.

The the above mentioned 2 options are used to deploy the applications which are already published in Google Store or Apple store. Otherwise, when you wanted to deploy other custom, in house applications then use  “Software Installer” option and select the application type which you wanted to upload into Intune console.

How to Upload Android Application to Microsoft Intune-1

Select the platform and specify the location of the software files. The link you specify will be available to users of the company portal. The link lets users download the app directly from an online store, or run the app as a Web app from a Website. The app is not hosted by Microsoft Intune. Paste the URL of the application from Google store or apple store which you wanted to deploy to iOS or Android devices. I deployed excel, outlook and word applications from Google and Apple store to Android and iOS devices respectively.

How to Upload Android Application to Microsoft Intune-2In the following window type in application details Publisher Name, Application Name, Description etc… You can select the category and upload the icon of the application.

How to Upload Android Application to Microsoft Intune-3

When you deploy iOS mobile applications you will get an extra options to select mobile device type (iPad or iPhone/iPod touch). Specify the requirements that must be met on the target mobile devices before installation can start. With requirement selection option, You can select iPad that this application will get installed only on iPad devices.

How to Upload iOS Application to Microsoft Intune-3

In the summery page, you will be able to see details which you’ve selected and the click on upload button to publish the app into Intune.

How to Upload iOS Application to Microsoft Intune-4

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