How to Enable WMI Tracing in Windows 2008 Windows 7 Machines


Do you Know how to enable WMI tracing using Event Viewer? Here is the quick guide to enable WMI tracing  on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 machines. I’ve seen this topic been discussed in MMS session hosted by Jason and Kim (thanks to them for reminding me about this topic). More details about MMS videos here. However, my credits goes to Microsoft CSS engineer Sudha N 🙂 (because, Intially, I heard about WMI tracing from her).

1.  Open Event Viewer, Click on View, then select Show Analytic and Debug Logs

2. Expand the Applications and Services Logs section and then the Microsoft \ Windows sections

3.  Expand Windows and find WMI-Activity folder. Expand WMI-Activity folder and Select Trace. On action Menu (right side) click on “Enable Log

4. From Action Menu Select Disable Log to stop WMI tracing.

5. You could see all WMI related details by enabling WMI tracing this would be great help for troubleshooting WMI issues.

ProviderInfo for GroupOperationId = 232708; Operation = Provider::ExecQuery – select QueryID, Name, Expression, Comments from  SMS_Query where TargetClassName = “SMS_StatusMessage”; ProviderName = ExtnProv; ProviderGuid = {625B7220-94D1-11d0-BD9F-00A0C909FDD7}; Path = D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\bin\x64\extnprov.dll

GroupOperationId = 232814; OperationId = 232817; Operation = Start IWbemServices::ExecQuery – references of {__Win32Provider.Name=”ExtnProv”}; ClientMachine = Local; User = ConfigMgr\Anoop.Nair; ClientProcessId = 0; NamespaceName = \\.\root\sms\site_IP0


How to get WMI logs? Where is WMI logs?


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