Learn How to Setup Dynamic Device Groups in Intune

Do you want to add mobile devices automatically to Microsoft Intune Device Groups? Intune Dynamic groups are always a customer request since long back. This feature is similar to dynamic collections in SCCM/ConfigMgr. There are two way to do it. One is using the Azure AD Premium feature called AAD Dynamic Groups and other one is pretty new in Intune something called Device Group Mapping.

How to add devices/users automatically to Intune Groups using Azure AD Dynamic Groups ?

  1. Login to Azure AD portal (AAD Premium subscription should be there).
  2. Navigate via – Directory –> Groups –> Open the group (MDM Group) –> Configure. Enable Dynamic Group (Only available for AAD Premium subscriptions) Membership –> Add Users where <Department> is equal to “IT”.  In this scenario all the users from IT department will get added to AAD Dynamic Security Group called MDM Groups. Don’t be panic if the group is not reflecting with users immediately, give it some time. It will get updated. Intune_Device_Group_Mapping_4
  3. Once  AAD Dynamic Group is created and updated login to Intune portal (manage.microsoft.com)  and Create a New User Group to fetch all the devices of IT department users. Intune_Device_Group_Mapping_5
  4. Whenever new user joins to IT department that user will automatically get added to Intune MDM group as well. Provisioning and de provisioning of groups made easy with this.

How to Add Devices automatically to Intune Device Groups using Device Group Mapping ?

  1. Click on Admin tab in Intune console. Navigate  via Device Group Mapping – enable Device Group Mapping – Create a Device Group and ADD a CATEGORY to manage device group mapping rules. Once you click on Create Device Group then it will guide you to create one device group.Intune Device Grouping
  2. When ever user enroll (During Enrollment Process) to Intune using Microsoft Intune Company portal application, User will get an extra/additional screen to select “Choose the best category for this device“. Right now, I have only created one category “ADMIN” for users to select. You are free to create Intune device category for each department !!     Intune_Device_Group_Mapping




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