Microsoft Intune Mobile App Management MAM Policy Issues and Workaround

I was testing the Intune MAM (Mobile Application Management) policies with iPad iOS 9. I had set up the default policies for MAM with Intune. I deployed the applications like Word, Excel, Power Point, One Drive and Outlook to users as available Install. Already posted about How to deploy Intune MAM based applications in a step by step guide here. Here is the problem:- when I tried to install an application from company portal then many times I’ve seen the application get stuck in installing stage for hours. Once the app is stuck in installing stage then you could immediately see MAM application policy errors in the Intune console. It shows error enforcing the policies on to the iOS device. The exact error is “Mobile App Management Policies for iOS devices – AppIdentifier=’’,AppVersion=’0′,(…),Error“. Following are the Intune Mobile application policies for iOS devices. Intune MAM Policy Error-common Issue-2

Intune MAM Policy Error-common Issue-01

I started an application install from company portal ( ). As you must be aware Intune company portal application on iOS can’t display applications which are not required deployment type. For Available Install deployment type, we need to launch company portal website as mentioned above from iOS device’s internet browser. Can you see the last application icon (power point) on the below screen shot? that means the application is getting installed then please wait and allow that application to get successfully installed on the device.Intune MAM Policy Error-common Issue-3

Once the actual application icon is fully visible similar to Word, Outlook icons etc (that means application is successfully installed) then launch company portal from iOS browser and try to open the application (One drive) which is stuck in installing stage.

Intune MAM Policy Error-common Issue-8

Once you start installing other application from Intune company portal then the previous application which is stuck in installing state will come out of the that state. As you can see in the following screen capture, immediately the application state in Intune company portal will get changed to installed state. You will see an new option called Re-Install in Intune Company Portal.

Intune MAM Policy Error-common Issue-7

At the same time the error we discussed in the start of this post “Mobile App Management Policies for iOS devices – AppIdentifier=’’,AppVersion=’0′,(…),Error” will also get changed to Mobile App Management Policies for iOS devices – AppIdentifier=’’,AppVersion=’0′,(…), conforms.

Intune MAM Policy Error-common Issue-9

Once you launch the MAM enabled application, you can see that the intune MAM policies have been applied to this app. Everytime you launch this application it will ask for pin, also copy paste is disabled and app data is encrypted when the device is locked. Intone dual persona works very well with iOS devices.MAM Intune

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