TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories

TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories. It’s amazing to be part of TechEd India 2013 Bangalore! I’ve earned loads of knowledge apart from SCCM, Won Tweet to win a contest, and loads of goodies from Intel, Accenture, Internet Explorer, Windows App Store booths.

TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories
TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories

Big thanks to all the Infrastructure and SQL speakers!! Great stuff !. I’ll try to recollect 2 – 3 points I learned from each session in this post.

TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories

TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories
TechEd India 2013 Bangalore Takeaways Memories

Day 1 : 18th April 2013

Keynote Amit: Product development? STOP product development and START Customer development! Modern application cycle – Build Measure and Learn.

Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to Windows Server 2012 by Pracheta Budhwar: Cloud Read OS Windows Server 2012. SMB has undergone a huge change with the new version 3.0 storage innovation. Active-active configurations, transparent failover, SMB direct, VSS provider for remote file shares.

Patch My PC

Getting Familiar with Next Generation of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) by Aviraj Ajgekar:  DC clone, Active directory recycle bin, Fine-grained password policy GUI, View resultant password settings in ad server 2012 & power shell history viewer and Ad replication link creation using PowerShell. Active directory-based activation of windows operating systems windows 8 and Server 2012.

Understand why Hyper-V is the best Virtualization platform by Rohit Rahi: Hyper-V network virtualization, Virtual fiber channel hyper-v capabilities, Virtual machine mobility.

Windows Azure IaaS for IT Professionals by Vijay Rajagopalan: Windows #azure VM portability and monitoring of VMs, Windows Azure does not support IP version 6 support for public offering. However, Office 365 is running on ipv6.

Path-breaking Storage options in Windows Server 2012 by Gaurav Anand: Storage virtualization is called storage spaces in windows server 2012. How to reduce costs of storage? JBOD with storage spaces! JBOD with #server2012 storage spaces can replace RAID. Storage pool, how to manage storage spaces? How to trim the storage spaces? Data Deduplication without using a 3rd party appliance. How much time chkdsk take? #server2012 takes seconds; however, server 2008 takes hours or days.


Day 2: 19th April 2013

Building Private Cloud using Windows Server 2012 & System Center 2012 SP1 by MS Anand: VIP templates, storage components, Resource Pools, and Storage classification. Deploy virtual machine using #sysctr in a fly.

Insight to your datacenter with System Center 2012 Operations Manager by Gaurav Anand: use #scom for Application performance monitoring. Monitor the performance of a blog using #opsmgr. The application monitoring event monitoring section will alert you about incorrect code! Improve the website performance. Monitoring your networks.

System Center Orchestrator (SCORCH) 2012 – An Enterprise automation framework by Rohit Gulati: Workflow management solution. Concepts of orchestrator Activity, rulebook, data bus, and standard activities. Reduce coding efforts using SCORCH.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager – how to get the best out of it by Arvind Chandramohan and AnandKumar Nair: 916m smart devices sold by 2016 how to manage these smart devices via ConfigMgr 2012 sp1? Unified management architecture of Intune and ConfigMgr. Support for UEFI Architecture-based OSD with CM 2012 sp1.Folder redirection using ConfigMgr 2012 sp1

Manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure using System Center 2012 SP1 by Aviraj Ajgekar: Server 2012 Hyper-v uses the same code as windows azure. System center advisor free analyzing tool. All about apps, cross-platform from metal up, the foundation for the future, and cloud on your terms is all about private cloud. What is IAAS? Infrastructure as a service. Use App controller to move vhd files from on-premises VM to public VM within a few minutes.

DemoX: Free apps available at windows 8 App store can be controlled via group policies. Use PowerShell to update FB status and photos. Outlook web app authentication using windows mobile phone. Integrate excel with SkyDrive and create an online survey.



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